Nicki Himmelman

Historian, Investigator

Nicki was born in Halifax and spent her childhood a military brat, she lived in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, but always considered Nova Scotia home. She is married with 3 children. Nicki has a passion for history , especially local history, folklore and mysteries. Nicki is one of the team's Historians and Researchers. Her interest in the paranormal began when she was very young by listening to her French relatives sharing family tales of forerunners. She has also had her own share of personal experiences.

As an adult, Nicki has always felt like she had a "calling" when it came to the paranormal, as if she was drawn to the subject for a reason. She often feels strong connections to locations and is empathic to the feelings and vibrations a place gives off. Nicki is also an avid reader and collector of ghost stories and historical lore. One of favorite pastimes is visiting Nova Scotia's many historical locations with her family, sharing her love of the province and its rich history with her children.