Kimberley Lapierre

Team Leader, Audio/Video Producer

Kimberley’s interest in the paranormal began at a very early age. She’s originally from Rockland, Ontario (just outside Ottawa) and her earliest experiences occurred in the 150 year old renovated log house she moved into when she was 12 years old. As a young skeptic, she attributed most of her experiences to an over active imagination, cultivated in a time-worn setting, but as she got older she realized that maybe she should not have brushed off those earlier experiences.

In March of 1997, she moved to Halifax, N.S. with her husband, and things just intensified from that point on. For her first two years in Halifax, she lived in an apartment complex just off of the Bedford Hwy., where both she and her husband experienced paranormal occurrences. While they didn’t share their experiences with a lot of people, family and close friends were aware of the activity that was occurring in their apartment while they were living there.

After two years of “spirited” apartment living, they bought a house and moved to Timberlea. They both thought that the events of the previous two years would be behind them, but it wasn’t long before things started up in their new home as well. At first, Kimberley was the only one to witness the strange occurrences that went on in the house, but by the time their oldest daughter was 18 months old and able to verbalize well, she started to share her experiences as well. Her children are now 13 and 10 and they have each had experiences that have molded them in one way or another.

Kimberley appeared on the show “Ghostly Encounters” in the fall of 2010 to share some of her experiences. While nothing harmful has ever happened in her home, her youngest daughter has been frightened by the sighting of the ghost of an old woman. This particular spirit has also been seen by both Kimberley and her husband on two separate occasions.

Kimberley leads Light Workers Paranormal Investigation and her team’s sole purpose is to help people who are experiencing activity and to gather evidence of paranormal activity. They don’t try to “debunk” claims, but they do look for other possible and plausible explanations in the course of their investigations.

Kimberley ~ “I personally hate the word “debunk” because it implies that there is some sort of deception or trickery involved. People just want answers and they hope to be validated. They aren’t out to deceive anyone. Some paranormal investigators claim to be skeptics, which always amuses me since the majority of us have had experiences of our own that have sparked our interest in this course of study. I could never call myself a skeptic because I know that the experiences I’ve had are real, and I would never doubt someone else if they came to us for help. We look for the proof to back up the claims. We investigate to gather evidence. We evaluate the data we collect. We reveal our findings. We do not make claims that a location is or isn’t haunted, but we do present our findings and if asked, we will give you our opinion”.